Манекенка се соблекла за да покаже нешто: Претходно ова ме погодуваше и со часови плачев...

Тајлах Робертс (24), поранешна натпреварувачка за австралиски „Топ модел“, сега е блогерка која промовира позитивен став кон телото.

Своите полуголи фотографии не ги фотошопира на Инстаграм, туку без проблем ги покажува сите мали несовршености од кои секоја жена се срами.

Откако објави селфи со долна облека и го покажа целулитот, нејзините 47.000 следачи се воодушевиле.

„Можам да напишал долг статус за тоа колку ова претходно ме повредуваше и колку плачев бидејќи без незадоволна од својот изглед, но со поголемо задоволство ова ќе го објавам со намера да го прикажам целулитот како нешто нормално, со надеж дека некој ќе сфати дека и тоа е прекрасно“, рекла Тајлах.

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CHESSIE, can you handle this? (She can defs handle it?) @chessiekingg Jiggling was literally always one of my worst fears in life. I remember in primary school I would pinch my thighs and calves wondering why they were so much bigger than the other girls. Why did I have to wear sizes that were so much bigger? Why was I so much taller and broader? Diet culture somehow had already weaved its way into my adolescent brain and I was dieting from a very young age. I used to eat plain wheat-bix for breakfast because sugar was the enemy and I would run on a treadmill after school until I couldn’t go any further desperately wanting to look like the girls who always won cross country. When I failed I blamed my willpower, my lack of self control and just kept thinking that the next week when I started all over that this time would be different. THIS is what I want young girls to avoid, to teach them that there are far worse things in life than a jiggle or a roll. If you are jiggling YOU ARE LIVING! And that in itself is incredible. I’m not going to lie, posting this slightly terrified me but I wanted to prove to myself that no matter what others think I still am capable of loving myself. Can YOU handle that? I challenge you to take a little video and send it over to @chessiekingg she’s about to make THE most iconic film clip???✨ Summer is coming ladies. Get that bikini body out, we’ve all got them. No matter what size you are??? #bodyconfidence #bodylove #jiggle

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Нејзините следачи веднаш го пофалиле овој храбар чекор и ја наградиле со повеќе од 5.000 лајкови.

„Како мајка на четири деца, ти благодарам за ова. Луѓето како тебе треба на идните генерации да им пренесат дека е сосема во ред да не бидеш совршен“, гласи еден од коментарите.

Тајлах уште претходно открила дека настојувањето да стане модел ја одвело на, како што рекла, мрачно место и постојано се прашувала дали некогаш ќе биде доволно слаба.

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❗️TW❗️All I see in the photo on the left is sadness, exhaustion, insecurity and lack of worth beyond size. This is what an industry only focusing on what your outer shell looks like does to you. Especially to someone that is not supposed to be that small, I was always always fighting to stay that way. Terrified that in an instant my dreams would be ripped away from me if the number on a measuring tape had increased by half an inch. I feel blessed to have almost fully recovered from this dark place I once called home but I still get glimpses of it and it’s usually around this time of year.. Fashion week. I see past the glossy backstage images of playful smiles, toned fit bodies, the most elite of the industry and remember the 5am wake ups, your face prodded with makeup all day, on and off until your eyes are bloodshot and can’t take it anymore. Your hair is pulled, curled, straightened, gelled, brushed, broken, extensions put in then ripped out, handled like it’s not attached to a person underneath. If you don’t smoke already now is the time to contemplate it, maybe that will make me not want to eat the sweets put out whilst I stand around in a bikini, waiting to be pushed onstage in shoes that are 2 sizes too small. These are just half the physical limits you’re pushed to don’t get me started on the emotional ones. Being told “if you’re not opening or closing the show that you’re just a filler.” Feeling humiliated in a room full of models when the castings director doesn’t even bother to look up from his desk when you’ve waited in line for hours. Comparing yourself to every single other girl and racking your brain as to why you didn’t book the show that you’ve always wanted. Questioning if it was my walk, am I not pretty enough, I must not be thin enough, I’m definitely not good enough. And this is only in Australia! Where it’s deemed “not as serious,” “not as bad” and “chill in comparison to FW overseas.” I cast for couture one show season in Paris and I thank fuck I didn’t book any of those shows. Don’t get me wrong there were some highlights, some smiles and memories shared with friends but all the shit that comes with it outweighs those moments CONT.

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Под фотографиите - “како модел и несигурна личност“ и “денес“, напишала: „Сè што гледам на левата фотографија е тага, исцрпеност, несигурност и недостаток на самодоверба. Тоа е она на што се фокусира модната индустрија.“